How Mach Will I Earn?

Once you sing up, you earn $15-20 commission on each 90 Seconds Call !!

Make Even More Money!!!

  • Book Garage door Repair Service Appointment In One Of The Areas – Get 3% Of Total Price Paid By The Customer (Taxes materials and service fee Will Be Deduct From The final Price ) Average Service – $300.
  • Book Garage door Installation Appointment In One Of The Areas – Get Up To 8% Of Total Price Paid By The Customer (Taxes materials and service fee Will Be Deduct From The final Price ) Average Installation Service – $1000.

What are the requirements?

The type of caller you consider “qualified”?

Someone who is seeking a door install and/ or quote. Someone who is seeking a service quote or information regarding service prices and minimum call length of 90 seconds.

The types of calls you do NOT want:

We do not want calls of people looking for parts to order or perform the work on their own.

No Incent
No Co-Reg
No Call Center
No Ringless Voicemail
No “Press 1” campaigns
No Classified/Craigslist
No Branded Search/Trademark Bidding
No Social Media, unless they are paid, targeted ads
No Direct Linking, unless you have express written consent.

We are looking forward to working with you!

Thank you!

-For Social Media/Facebook ads:
It is a violation in our network to simply post free ads on Facebook/social media sites.These must be targeted, paid ads.

-Use of Sub Affiliates:
The use of sub affiliates is prohibited.

We has zero tolerance for fraudulent, misleading, spammy, bot, or suspicious traffic. You will not be paid

Offer Details

  • Category : Home & Garden, Pay Per Call
  • Lead ($) : $18.00

Promotional Banners

You Can Help  help Pro garage door become the biggest brand in the garage door industry, and get paid extremely well for the calls you send us? We are looking for online affiliate partners that would like to advertise our services. We pay the highest price per Call in the business, and our system pays out twice as often as the bigger affiliate networks, meaning that you can get paid faster and re-invest your money to make more!

What are we looking for?

  • Niche Garage Door Websites
  • Local Directories
  • Websites that pertain to garage door services & repairs
  • Experienced Offline Promoters

How does it work?

We will provide you with phone numbers and tracking systems for pay per call affiliate marketing. Any call that reaches a certain length and is in our service areas will be considered a qualified lead and you will get paid!

How do I get started?

Simply Click on the link, fill out the form  and we will get back to you ASAP with more information. We like to talk to all of our affiliates to set up a working relationship that works great for both parties. We want you to make money so you continue to work with us for years to come.